Guard: Barber! Someone put up your bail! You're outta here! Barber: You've gotta be kiddin'... Guard: No joke. You're outta here... Barber: Who gives a hang whether I rot here--?Barber: You! How--? Mindmistress: Shhh. Nobody can see me but you.  Golden's lawyers put up the bail.  I... 'persauded' him.  Barber: How d'you know so much about me?  How?

Mindmistress: I...can't forget. I remember your wedding announcement three years article on the symphony that included you...your daughter Samantha's birth announcement. ---Every newspaper photo.Barber: That's ridiculous! You'd know half of Atlanta if you could-- Mindmistress: Hee. I remember your in-laws' names from the announcements--from Seattle, right? I've memorized Seattle's phone book...among other cities'.

Mindmistress: That phone is set on their number...'bye!  Barber: Rebecca in?...Hi,'s Samantha? Miss you...can...can we start again? You've stolen my heart.


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