General Lewis: The ship's galley had been raided for a few nights---I placed a few guards--and made an unexpected catch. Guard: The prisoner, sir. Unfathomable: Good to see you again, Mannie. General Lewis: Omar??General Lewis(Caption): The ship's captain joined me in the interrogation. General Lewis: Captain, this is Omar Salem--one in line to head Egypt's General Directorate of State Security Services---who disappeared-- Unfathomable: --Presumed drowned.

Captain: So--where'd you stow away--on my ship? Unfathomable: You won't believe me--so I'll tell you. Under the ship--near the propellor.  Captain: Sleeping in scuba gear? Impossible. Unfathomable: True.Unfathomable:...If I were using scuba gear.  I was Omar Salem..but...I got a better offer.  Now I'm...Unfathomable.  General Lewis: Get him!! General Lewis (Caption): Omar...Unfathomable--leaped--sealike--into the ocean.


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