T.M. Shore: 'Preciate you seein' us... General Manny Harris: No problem, son.  Toran: My former partner disappeared investigating rumors of some sort of subsea colony.  I thought of that story you told me... Lewis: Of course.Lewis: It happened returning back from the St. Cassandra incident---where I first met your father, son---I shipped home with my troops---when something---bizarre--happened.  No...rational...explanation.

Mindmistress: Okay---good work. Upload all the information you've gathered to Vicki---keep trying to find Shore.  Swift Thought: Yes, Mistress.  Mindmistress:: I need to quiz Shore's wife, though...see how she's coping.Mindmistress: --To warn her---Steed's 'society' might be watching her. Hmmmm....I could become Drew Altman again---but she might unburden herself more to her younger aspiring actress sister, Amy.

You may remember General Lewis from "Siege Mentality"...click on the first panel and it will take you to the page where he first appeared.


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