Current: Sorry. Sometimes the power we generate--messes with the ship-to-shore.  Shore: Yeah--nothing but're researching alternative energy sources?  Current: Yep. Wind, tidal, current---even temperature differential.Current: Turbines in the Gulf Stream could power the entire east coast!  We produce enough power for ten towns... Shore: Cool, Dr. Ellis-- Current: Abe. Shore: --But that sailboat's even more interesting.

Current (Caption): My design. It not only has custom parabolic sails on its mast...but another set of sails beneath---catching ocean currrents---computer coordinated---twice the average sailboat's speed.Shore: Two questions: why're we heading east, 'stead of west--twoards the mainland? ---And---who's bankrolling you?  Current: Good catch. Steed aquaculture has been very generous--I'm 'current' to Tidal Wave.

Shore: Say what??  (Caption): Great. Suckered again.Shore (Caption): Well, at least I know where the 'Adapted's' society gets its power.  But 'Current' didn't try to capture me...instead put me on a swiftmoving boat to...where??


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