Mindmistress: So...speech mode.  How's the search going? Swift Thougth: Encountered Shore twenty-one days ago---protecting him from the homo aquaticus named Sea-Change. He escaped, though, before I could fully rescue him.Mindmistress: *Sigh* I should have built you with a better personality...what route did he take? Swift Thought: Shore took a speedboat to an oil rig...then, motor disabled---he presumably drifted northeast...

Swift Thought (Caption):  Coming across an unusual sight... Shore: Stupid motor...working in fits and starts...sabotage?  Electromagnet?  That's something you don't see everyday...a string of gigantic windmills, across the ocean....Current: Sea breezes're more constant than land's...ocean currents can turn turbines too--thus windmills above, tidal and current turbines below.  Shore: Great! Now, Dr. Ellis---about a ride----


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