T.M. Shore: Six weeks. He's gone half the time on those flaky missions---but even ndercover, he contacts us...uh...speaking of undercover... Mindmistress: Little public, huh, for a federal fugitive...right?Mindmistress: Relax. Anyone looking at me sees this--- T.M. Shore: Whoa! Who--? Mindmistress: Your father's first boss---before Minton---Drew Altman---who--if he didn't really have Alzheimer's---would be first looking for Ulysses.

Mindmistress: Young Shore and I are searching for Ulysses---investigating rumors of subsea settlements, Mr. Toran. Les Toran: Well...sounds crazy...but it would fit a story General Manny Lewis told me...Mindmistress: Good. T.M., go withToran here and get Lewis' story...I'll track down another lead.  T.M. Shore: Uh...interesting jet... Mindmistress: Isn't it, though? Toran: Your father and I partnered at NSA...


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