Iris March: So...Mindmistress is here. Now what are you going to do? Bloodlust: Relax. I half-suspected she'd keep tabs on me after my prison release...everything's still...go.Minton: March, this is General Mannie Lewis of the American forces. He could use  your knowledge of the terrorists. Bloodlust: I'd be honored, General. Lewis: The big, bad, mega-mercenary Bloodlust, huh?

Bloodlust: This way, men. This is the rebels' weakest point... Soldier: Watch that character...General's orders. Soldier2: Hey! What was that red flash?  Bloodlust:  Sorry. Reflection off my red helmet, undoubtedly.Mindmistress:  Ahhhhh, he's learned.  A coherent light beam to transmit orders...even Vicki can't easily tap into that. He'll become a a fake battle.


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