Sniper: I don't understand sir. We're the two best snipers you have. Armor-piercing shells go through kevlar mesh like hot butter... Bloodlust: Hmmm. The drone, Adams.Bloodlust (Caption): I think I know why those shells aren't hitting--- Shore: There's one of those drones...eyes in the skies---above us. Jacques: *Unh* Stolen from March Munitions, no doubt.  Shore: 'Stolen'. Right.

Adams: What? I don't understand...where'd she come from? Why did the cameras pick her up--but we can't see her with our eyes?  Bloodlust: She's using sign language...Adams: She's deflecting the shells....somehow. And I know sign language. My sister's deaf. She's syaing, 'I'm coming for y ou, B.L.' Bloodlust: Unexpected...but not unanticipated. I'm ready.


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