Soldier: Sir, I thought your blood-red uniform idiotic---until I saw it change color--to match the surroundings. Bloodlust: State-of-the-art camouflage tech, soldier. Now let's---Bloodlust: ---Attack! Uh, make that---dodge ten zillion shards of broken glass--- Rebel: Guhh!  Soldier: Um. Looks like someone else thought this was the terrorists' weakest point, too--

Rebel2: Uhgh! Rebel2: Get her!! Rebel3: Why can't I hit her at point-blank range? Bloodlust: Her. Solder1: Who's the chrome-plated cutie? Soldier2: Lookit her move! Soldier3: Uh...sir? Orders? Who's she?Bloodlust: Back men! She's a known terrorist...some of y ou have  high enough clearance to have heard of 'Mindmistress' during the forethought affair...Minton and General Lewis'll want her....


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