Bloodlust: Do me a favor---don't surrender---as this napalm boils  you in that armor---like a lobster in its shell! Mindmistress: Okay, Bloodlimp. No surrender here...Mindmistress: Oh---and catch! S-she tossed a grown man---with one hand---like a frisbee! Bloodlust: Careful, men! Her armor amplifies her strength twelvefold---her speed triples!

Mindmistress: If you slow your napalm stream enough to get through my protective field---I'm fast enough to get out of the way! Soldier: What a leap!!Mindmistress: Copurageous as usual, Bloodless---on a par with shooting an unarmed, mentally handicapped young man. How long before they know you're behind the rebels? Bloodlust: L-Lies!  Soldier: He's what?


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