DJ: ...The Lure's newest hit... Lure: My dreams are drowned there, but not yet dead...fathoms deep we frolic, on the sea-bed... Mindmistress: PEnny, how's my artistic sister doing?  Penny Shore: Hello...Mindmistress.Mindmistress: Mindmistress? Penny Shore: Oh, it's a good...mirage, or whatever you do?  But photography enhances my artwork.  I have cameras everywhere.  Monitors showed  silver-armored woman walking up... Mindmistress: Touche.

Penny: Ulysses told me about you when you first helped him...before you became a top secret federal fugitive... Mindmistress: I'm trying to find your're in danger too... Penny: Sure.Penny Shore: Ulysses uncovered some secret...they might use me as...leverage.  Never happen.  We have another home/studio near my in-laws. We'll be safe there.  Mindmistress: Not safe enough. Later.


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