Shore (Caption): Four weeks ago. Dr. Cissy Saul: Welcome aboard the hospital ship Dawnracer. I'm Dr. Cecilia Saul--'Cissy'---head surgeon.  Shore. Man, oh man, I'm glad to see you guys---you're a lifesaver, Doc.Shore: ...So I shot one shark with the harpoon gun, and the other sharks...cannibalized? it.  Dr. Saul: Fascinating story.  Shore: I have to contact the mainland.

Dr. Saul: Unfortunately, a storm wrecked much of our communication room---but we'll be in port ina  day or so.  Shore: Just my luck. Dr. Saul: I'll find you a room...Dr. Saul: Sleep well, Mr. Shore. You too, Doc--Cissy---whatever.  Trinidad: Suffer a sea-change...into something rich and strange... Shore: Nice music. Who--?  Dr. Saul: Words? Shakespeare's...sung by a calypso singer called Trinidad.


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