Shore (Caption): Couldn't sleep. I've been trapped often enough--to know when I'm in one. Part of me is yelling--'Get out, fool!'--To where? Water, water everywhere...tapping? In mid-ocean??Shore: Yiiii!!! Robot: Don't be alarmed, Mr. Shore, I'm--- Shore: One of Mindmistress' freaky robots. I saw some on St.'d you get here?? Robot: My mistress sent me searching for you...

Robot: I'm a detachable humanoid extension of the aircraft Swift Thought. We landed under cover of the porthole, please.  Shore: gonna get me outta here? Robot: no.Shore: Why not? Whoa!!  Robot: Because if Tidal Wave thinks Mindmistress is aiding you---if Steed panics---the east coast could look like Venice, Italy--or California drops into the sea.



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