Penny Shore: What's wrong, T.M.? T.M.: It's Grandpa. Grandma is..missing. Penny: Poor Cleo...and...I guess...poor Larry. Alzheimer's is such a tragedy... T.M. Grandpa needs me... Penny: Go. I'll be fine. Find Cleo..Larry Shore: Thanks, T.M. I helped her out of her bath---but left her in a towel--stopped the spaghetti from boiling over---came back--she's gone---without the towel. Naked.

Larry Shore: A naked elderly woman runnin' around...mind fogged by Alzheimer' wouldn't think she could be that fast, but--- what...if she ran into the ocean? Drowned? T.M.: Hey, Grandpa---look!!Cleo Shore: Lovely dogs. Reminds me of the dogs that I had as a girl...waay north, in Ithaca, New York.... Lorelei: Yeah? I hope you didn't run around without clothes there...towel comfy?.




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