T.M.: Thanks for finding Grandma, Miss--? Lorelei: Lorelei. Glad to do it. Cleo Shore: Nice...doggies... Larry: Cleo, I just don't know what I'm going to do...I can't watch you every--single--seocnd...Larry Shore: Oh, I'm sorry, Lorelei--I'm Larry Shore---this is T.M., my grandson--and you helped my wife Cleo--who has advanced Alzheimer's.  Lorelei: 'Sokay--I'm used to helping 'special' people--

Larry Shore: I'ts been so hard---watching the brightest woman I know---become a--mental infant. Heartbreaking to watch her---deteriorate.  Lorelei: Deter-what?  Just 'cause she's dumber than she was---she's---pitiful??Cleo Shore: Lovely dogs. Reminds me of the dogs that I had as a girl...waay north, in Ithaca, New York.... Lorelei: Yeah? I hope you didn't run around without clothes there...towel comfy?.




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