Larry: This's our home, Lorelei. Lorelei: Nice. I'm stayin' at the guest bungalow at th' steed place... Larry: Sorry about my faus pas earlier-- Lorelei: Fo'---what?? Larry: Uh---nevermind. Cleo---come to bed!Larry Shore: My son, Ulysses, found this beach house... Lorelei: Ulysses?  Ulysses Shore? I met your son in St. Cassandra... Cleo: Where's my boy Ulysses--? T.M.: A lot of us would like to know.

Larry Shore: Retiring on the beach was  adream come can't enjoy it. I miss...the woman I married. It's hopeless, though. Alzheimer's incurable. Lorelei: Hopeless? Can't be cured?Larry Shore: I'd give anything this side of my soul-- for a few days with her-- the real her--again. To talk to her--but it's an empty dream.  Lorelei: Dreams, huh?




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