Ulysses Shore (Caption): Okay...exiting my 'coffin'. ---Swim slowly towards the surface--and inflate the raft when I'm almost at the surface. Nobody seems to be watching me, save for a few fish-- Ulysses Shore (Caption): An inflatable raft in mid-Atlantic. I get all the glamour jobs...it could be worse, though...I could be snarling--snawing at my restraints--beastlike.  Sea-Change'll pay for that....

Ulysses Shore (caption): No way to communicate with...Minton. Penny. Dad. Mindmistress. Or T.M.  I stole a few rations, but they won't last me long... Ulysses: What a lucky guy I...am...hel-lo...Ulysses Shore (Caption): A casino ship?  One of those offshore betting places? Is it a sign my luck is turning, or--? Casino ship captain: Ahoy the raft! Do you need assistance?  Ulysses: You kidding? You bet I do!




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