Cruise ship captain: Glad we rescued you, Agent Shore. The Coast Guard'll need an explanation why you were floating in mid-atlantic... Shore: No problem!  I'd looove to explain to the Coast Gurd...Steward: We're a casino ship, of course---operating outside of national limits. Shore: Gamlbing: a tax on idiots. If I could contact the mainland--? Steward: Later. Al the bandwidth's being used by the concert--

Shore: Concert? Steward: Yes. The Lure, the hottest girl-group since Destiny's Child, is filming a concert here---hopefully to be picked up by HBO or Showtime.  Shore: Oh, yeah...T.M. loves 'em.steward: Their concert's digitally transmitted to the mainland by Trenton Telecommunications---so you'll have to wait till tomorrow to contact the mainland. Shore: Trenton Tel--? A division of Steed Aquaculture?




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