Shore (Caption): After that, I noticed all the Trenton Tel employees putting in special earplugs...the Lure, hearing of my rescue, offered 'the best seat in the house' to watch their concert.Shore (Caption): I was born paranoid: justifiably so.  I started nosing around, and heard this... Lure member: Cetacean whalesong is a Rosetta stone---revealing much in common with human melodies-- Shore (Caption): Suspicioius? Me?

Shore: DIdn't I hear of some of the Lure's fans...drowning themselves?? Steward: Sure. But that's like Nirvana fans committing suicide after Kurt Cobrain died. You can't blame them... Shore: maybe. But...'Best seat in the house'. A special room, with the graphics from their groundbreaking videos...and their live performance...interspliced.  I've taken some...precautions. Now...on with the show!




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