Cleo Shore:  What. Just. Happened? You slipped that amulet on me...and Alzheimer's...isn't. Lorelei: F'r awhile....gotta change y'back in two weeks---or---yer dead! Cleo: Back? No.Lorelei: But-- Cleo: Where'd you get that locket---Lorelei, is it?  Lorelei: My Mom was a doctor---a scientist---she made this---makes people smart'r--f'r a time. Cleo: Then--? Lorelei: Brain cancer. Sorry.

Cleo Shore: Brain--? Well, I have colon cancer. Two months, tops. I'm not afraid, or ashamed of Alzheimer's...I was born babbling, needing a diaper--if I die that loss.Cleo Shore (Caption): ...But I've seen what this has done to Larry.  No, Lorelei.  Two myself...will be enough.  Lorelei: Mr. Shore? Larry? Cleo wants yuh... Larry: Coming. Thanks, Lorelei.




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