Cleo: Hello, Larry... Larry: Cleo?? Y'you're reading?? Cleo: Larry, you used to tease me about how I was addicted to booksores and libraries---funny though-- Kant's Critique of Pure Reason seems--simplistic?---now.Cleo Shore: C'mere, you... Larry: How---they told chance---what happened to your eyes? Cleo: Who knows? All of the sudden, my head---cleared.  I'm back, Larry.  I'm back.  Larry:

T.M.: Granddad, I...oh. Sorry. Cleo: T.M., it's your father who's the espionage agent--not you. We taught you to knock.  T.M.: G-Grandma?? Larry: It's a miracle. When the Lord sends a miracle...Cleo Shore: Miracle? I remember what the doctor said about the colon cancer...this may be a moment of clarity...just before...I wish I could see Ulysses one more time...




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