Shore (Caption):  Of course, that woke me planned.  I was sleepwalking.  I never sleepwalk. Somehow that 'Drowntown' song reached me on a subconscious level...almost making me drown myself.Shore (caption): Or...would I drown myself---?  In the water they were waiting--three lights swimming, two on some sort of cage...a celebrity escort-- down into the depths.

Shore (Caption): I think it was the Lure themselves. ---With a special air-filled cage. Their dozen 'suicidal' fans---that 'drowned' themselves--bodies never recovered --- were surely aquatic 'Drowntown' citizens now.Shore (caption): My fate would've been different.  Imprisoned in that air-filled cage, I would've been taken to an underwater colony...a lone air-breather among amphibians... no escape...without drowning.




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