Lorelei: Well....the dogs are sleeping...I can get inta Unca Steed's guest house...might as well...face th' music...she'll be ticked...but she's always ticked at me...Mindmistress: Vicki? Vicki: Yes, boss? Mindmistress: Suit. Vicki: Shedding its illusion now. Mindmistress: Catwalk in five minutes. Vicki: Where to? Mindmistress: Ethiopia, where Dylan Steed is visiting.  Vicki: Uh...you're not angry at Lorelei? Mindmistress: Of course not. I love...

Mindmistress (Caption): ...being at the mercy of myself---as a moron.  Vicki (Caption: Boss! That's harsh!  Mindmistress: The truth often is.  Tidal Wave: Ah. I was wondering when you'd show up.  Welcome to Ethiopia.Mindmistress: Steed? Tidal Wave: We parted as allies, at our last meeting. But I can't let one government agent---destroy a society that's still uilding itself. Mindmistress: --Or Tidal Wave raises tsunamis? Tidal Wave: Self-defense.




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