Mindmistress: Steed---you're not an executioner...or a jailer.  Let Ulysses Shore come home...Tidal Wave: To tell a paranoia-addled government about us?  To stop all the good we could do?Mindmistress: Such as--? Tidal Wave: This is a wealthy Ethiopean 'friend's' estate. He owns the land adjacent to that river in the distance. The farms in between---? People are dying--of drought.

Tidal Wave: My host shrugs---says, 'That's unfortunate--' ---all the while flattering me because I'm richer than he is---'unfortunate'.  He hasn't a clue--- MindmistressL Wait! You're aiming your sceptre at the ground---Mindmistress: You're causing an earthquake!!  Very deliberately so.  Don't worry, it won't last long.  You can influence the minds of people---I can influence the earth itself! Whose power is greater?




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