Shore: Sharks!!?? You can control sharks?? Who are you, Aquaman?? How do you control half-ton eating machines on fins??  Sharktooth: Electrodes.  Implanted in the pain and pleasure centers of their brains--Sharktooth: --Sea-Change implanted the controls on my skull--now I can control them--with a touch to my temple.  Shore: How many--? Sharktooth: I can control a dozen sharks at once.

Shore:  Eyahhh!!! Eyahhh!!! Eyahhh!!! MAn, I wish I never saw 'Jaws'...but---they're not ganging up--they could chomp this sardine like popcorn--it's like I'm being steered...towards...what?Shore: Aw, c'mon...a whirlpool?? A freakin' whirlpool??? I could see surgically implanting controls in a shark...but how do  you influence seawater??  Sharktooth: This is the work of an ally...




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