Whirlpool: Sharktooth, I'll take over. My code name is...Whirlpool.  I started with an aquaculture degree--- Shore: ....Just like Steed's daughter by his first marriage, Charlene Biden-Steed...Whirlpool:  Huh. You're good.  Shore: The videotapes I consulted captured your voice well, too.  My father set me up--designing huge mobile fish 'ranches'---protected from predators--wastes enriching sea-bottoms...

Whirlpool: These huge net-cages rotate as well as crawl along the sea-bottom. Rotating hundreds of tons of fish...so if I take an empty one...it'll rotate much faster--creating a vortex---Whirlpool: --Which becomes a whirlpool on the surface.  Shore: So I either become sushi for sharks--or dragged down by a whirlpool--either way---it'll seem an unfortunate 'natural' death.




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