Cleo Shore: I'd do anything to get Ulysses back-- Mindmistress: A DNA sample might be useful--from you--and your husband.  Cleo: Oh, Larry's not Ulysses' natural father-- Mindmistress: Oh? True, there's no resemblence--Cleo (caption): His actual father was a city councilman--and a consummate con-man.  My father was an ex-burglar--locksmith--and ex-con.  His attentions charmed---flattered--Ifelt 'respectable' ---a councilman's girlfriend--

Then I got pregnant.  --And he took the hundreds of thousands he'd been skimming---left the cruelest note--and ran.  Cleo: I-I'm going to unwed mother?? Larry Shore: ...Not...necessarily.Cleo (Capton): Larry loved me for years---but I wanted someone more 'exciting'. When he offered--I accepted.  No one made a better husband--or father.  Cleo: Daddy--? Cleo's father: Yeah.  He's a keeper.




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