Cleo Shore: So...why are you so concerned about Ulysses?  He's my baby. Always will be. But the feds are hunting you, right? So why...? Mindmistress: I like him.  I like Ulysses Shore.Cleo: What?? But--- Mindmistress: Nothing his wife Penny needs to worry about---it's just that, ever since our paths crossed--he's shown himself clever and resourceful.  Cleo:  Sounds like a 'clever'

Cleo: Is that all we are to you? Clever animals??  Mindmistress: 'We'? Despite your Alzheimer's--- you've never thought so clearly-- your intellect's tripled over its former peak---you love your husband--Mindmistress: But--you're changing your investments so your husband'll be better off....when youre gone.  He's like a child to you---inellectualy..  Cleo: H-how'd you know--? Mindmistress: Because--it's what I'd do.




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