Mindmistress (caption): Now your real child is lost at sea--and despite our combined intellects--we can't get him back. We can't even find him--Nanobot1: We stationed ourselves here in the aqueous humor, between cornea and lens -- Nanobot2: To see what Shore is seeing. What can we do?  Nanobot3: We can manipulate the eye's rods and cones--

Nanobot 3 (caption): wWe can send him a message... Message:Turn with the current--full throttle Shore (Caption): Huh?? Who--? Those nanobots--they must be behind this--or I'm insane-- good advice--? --Like I have a choice??Shore: Yee-hah!!! It worked!! Like turning in the direction of a skid on an icy road--don't like the way the motor's sounding, though.... why don't those nanobots signal anybody?




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