Ron Saul: Mr. Shore, I'm Ron Saul, Captain of this ship...I'm glad we could help, but we have questions--- Shore: Great. I've got answers...let me guess...your communication's fried, right?Ron Saul:  Huh? No. Our communication rig's state-of-the-art.  Shore: Then some federal authorities would be ecstatic to learn of my whereabouts---and safety.  Ron Saul: Great!  We'll clear this up...

Shore: Hey...this is Dr. Cissy Saul, right?  Ron Saul: My daughter.  Where'd you meet? Shore: I visited her hospital ship---under odd circumstances--a while ago.  Shore (Caption): Great. Sea-Change's father. Coincidence? Hah?Ron Saul: Now, if you'll come with me... Shore (Caption): To be drugged, imprisoned, and made sharkfood? I've got to do it now, before he gets help---in air, they have no advantage--




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