Lorelei: Hey, Mistuh Shore---Larry! Your wife still feelin' bettuh? Larry Shore: That's what I'm showing Dr. Hammond here---Lorelei was there when Cleo---recovered.  Dr. Hammond: Larry-0-Alzheimer's? There's no recovery.Dr. Hammond:leo, you lok more alert. I can see why Larry was...hopeful. How're youfeeling, dear? Can you tell me? Cleo: Surely. Dr. Hammond: Take your time. Don't get frustrated.

Cleo Shore: Oh, I won't. My temperature's ninety-seven point five. I took my blood pressure---100/75.  Pulse--68.  I feel twinges from my colon cancer.  Dr. Hammond: What? How---?Dr. Hammond: I-I'm flabbergasted, Larry.  I've never seen her so alert. A remission in Alzheimer's.  Unheard of...but that eye color change...Larry: You're worried? Dr. Hamond: The optic nerve's echoing brain.....fluctuations.  Larry: Gotcha.




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