Mindmistress: Steed has two properties close to Shore's last known location-- one's an abandoned oil rig-- the other's a Steed-subsidized wind/ocean current turbine farm/research facility--Mindmistress (Caption): --Run by a Dr. Abraham Ellis-- Current: Another dozen turbines brought on-line...repaired the steel netting that keeps the underwater turbines from turning fish into sushi--'Current''s for New Atlanta-is.

Mindmistress: Nice place, if a little breezy--- Current: M-Mindmistress? Mindmistress: --and since I'm unknown oto the general public---but a major benefactor to Tidal Wave's colonies---that means Dr. Abraham Ellis is--Tidal Wave's energy czar---I'm called current---with the energy I've sotred, I'll spare a little---create category five hurricane force winds---and blow you away, baby!! Mindmistress: 'Baby'? Um.




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