Mindmistress: Unhh!!! Current: I hate to do this...you helped us 'drowntowners' before--but we deserve our own space, y'know?---Oh--can't hear me over the wind, right?Midmistress: Ungh!! Got it...now to rip out that control panel...Current: They called me too much of a maverick to be a good scientist...more Van Halen than Von Braun...

Current: What a hoot! I've mastered more than they've dreamed-- Mindmistress: LEt's see now...you can never find a major coaxial power cable when you need one...ahhh, there we are!Current: What? That power cable--eyaahhh!!! Mindmistress:  I know it's a cliche, overcoming 'Current' with current...but with luck--you'll never remember this incident, anyway.




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