Saul: What are you doing?? Shore: I'm sick of this. You 'drowntowners' 'conveniently' are teh next ship to pick me up--only to get me into worse trouble... Saul: I don't know--Sore: --What i'm talking about? Yeah, right. Let's put you in this open fishtank--see you start to inhale its water--let's see you deny it then. Saul: No!! G*glub* *Glub* *Glub*

Shore: Well? Well? Go ahed! You're..not...fooling...anyone...but...your daughter...errr. Um. You really aren't one of them, are you? Oboy. You're about to drown unless...Saul: *Hyunhh* *hyunh* *hyahh* You...lunatic!! ...And what were you saing about my daughter? Shore: Uh...I think I was saying...oops? Sorry about that... Saul: Sorry?? Sorry?? Help!!! Get this nutcase!!




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