Shore: Huh? I?  Trinidad: Well, not dead or drowned, at you remember me, Mr. Shore? You were my trainer at NSA...until I left the agency...Trinidad: ...And became a calypso singer.  Shore: TRinidad! Of course! But...judging by the surroundings...also a member of Tidal Wave's homo aquaticus... Calypso: Guilty as charged.

Trinidad: You remember my specialty at the agency?  Shore: Communication, right?  My necklace corrupts corrupts radio transmissions---amplifying them, interfering with the original--like 'white noise' intersplicing my 'Full Fathom Five' song.Trinidad: I've been shadowing you.  I'm the reason you've never been able to communicate with anyone. Why Sharktooth cut in on your ship-to-shore. Even Mindmistress... can't find you.




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