Current: Huh--? Wha--? Mindmistress: Welcome back to consciousness.  This fiber optic network is remarkably shielded.  Even my friend Vicki can't casually access it...I needed an open terminal. Which I provided.Current: I'll never...taaaaaalk... Mindmistress: Don't kid yourself.  You'll tell me every detail. Tidal Wave controls waves---earthquakes. You control wind and sea currents.  I control minds.  This is my territory.

Current: Trinidad shadowed Shore since he first showed up here---Unfathomable, our security chief, wanted to make sure he was incommunicado... Mindmistress: He's in her custody? Okay. Forget.Current: Huh? What was I doing? Whooooah. Blackouts now? --With New Atlanta-is waiting? I'm ready to par-ty! Staring into some bewitching beauty's memory a pleasant haze...tomorrow.




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