T.M.: Working hard, Mom? Penny: Reference photos for my artowkr. T.M.: I see you're really broken up about Dad being gone--- Penny: Low blow,, T.M.  I'm worried about Ulysses--more than you know.Lorelei: Hi, T.M. T.M.: Lorelei! Mom, she was there when Grandma...recovered.  Penny: Hi. So Cleo really seems...better?  It seems...too good to be true.  Lorelei: Here she comes---judge f'yself!

Cleo: T. M.---Lorelei--I need your help.  Lorelei: My help--? T.M.: What's up, Grandma?  Cleo: I need you to take me to that nursing home five miles insland--to visit an old friend.Penny: Wait a second---Cleo, who are you visiting? Cleo: Ulysses' first boss, Penny--- Penny: But Drew Altman has---well--- Cleo: Alzheimer's? True.  His isn't as advanced as mine...was, though.  Lorelei: Oh-kay...

Does the name Drew Altman sound familiar? Mindmistress assumed his identity earlier in this story. Just click on that last panel and it'll take you back to that page.




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