Cleo: Ulysses'd visit here once a week---he came here just before he---disappeared. T.M.: Wow. She looked just like Altman. Cleo: What? T.M.: Nothing. Lorelei: So y'think Altman might 'member somethin'?Altman: Hello--do I know you?  I don't recall--? Cleo: You know me, anyway. Cleo Shore. You also remember Ulysses--- Altman: Ulysses? Yes. Ulysses.  He comes by often---but hasn't---lately.

Cleo: Good. On his last visit, did he mention what he had been investigating?  Altman: I'm...trying, but... Cleo: Relax. I know what Alzheimer's is like... Altman: He said...oil rig?...Trip? ..Town...send?T.M.: A trip? Dad went on a trip, all right.. Altman: No...this was a person...I think.  Cleo: Amy Tripp, maybe? ---Acting CEO of Steed Aquaculture? 'Townsend' is probably Steed-owned Townsend Communications...

Does the name Drew Altman sound familiar? Mindmistress assumed his identity earlier in this story. That's what T.M. is talking about. Just click on that first panel and it'll take you back to that page.




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