Shore (Caption): It was eerie...on that rig as the sun went down---like being in a horror movie, waiting kill you. ...To eat you.  Shore: Hello? Anybody here?Shore (Caption): My maternal grandfather was a burglar. My real father was a con man.  I was born sneaky. When I saw just one main lightswitch, among so many other controls--- Shore: Gotcha.

Shore (Caption): Darkness. Then...Steed. Pre-recorded.  Steed: Welcome to the gateway to the...Adapted.  Today we number just fifty thousand....scattered in ten settlements---from the Siberian shelf---to the Sundra shelf.Steed: In our new society, everyone's needed--only the Adapted can travel this route.Shore (Caption): The room's sinking like an elavor--filling with water--but that's why I brought scuba gear.


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