Shore: So where have I been for six weeks? After being stonewalled by the company president, I revisted Trent. Shore: Steed's society has to import some necessities... Trent: Indeed...through greed's abandoned dreams.Shore (Caption): What if Trent's speaking literally?  Most states banned oil drilling off their shores...many were abandoned.  ...Not destroyed.  Many environmental groups used the rigs as artificial 'reefs'---fish sanctuaries.

Shore (Caption): Built in the late sixties...abandoned after the Exxon Valdez accident...owner? Steed aquaculture. Used as a fish reef/lighthouse. ...And gateway? abaleful one-eyed giant, broodingShore (Caption): Sun was setting.  Dusk was falling. I kept my scuba gear on, climbing the rig...considering I'm after people who inhale seemed...the wise thing to do.


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