Lorelei: So, Daddy...what do you hear from 'Uncle' Dylan?  Lyons: Steed's sailing around the world, last I heard...Amy Tritt's running Steed Aquaculture...funny thing, though...everyone's asking.Lyons (caption): ...Tritt told me a government agent asked questions about Steed weeks ago. Shore:...As president, you're running the corporation, while your CEO is...sailing? Tritt: Yes, Steed stays in touch, though...

Tritt (Caption): I'll let him know you ...asked...about him. Tidal Wave: I received word from up above that a government agent was nosing around---one we've already encountered---Ulysses Shore---hence this teleconference.Tidal Wave: This is Shore's photo---I want you to be looking for him.  Use your code names...in case our communications' tapped.  He mustn't reveal our secrets...to a paranoid world.


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