T. M. Shore: So...Mindmistress, right? Mindmistress: He told you about me--?  T.M. Shore: Was readin' some comic books---told me a little...didn't believe 'em...until now.  Mindmistress: I can find him---with your help.Hardy: Be careful, Lorelei... Lorelei: Relax, Mr. Hardy. I know how much to feed something this...weak?  Hardy: Fragile?  Lorelei: Yeah, fragile.  You wonder if...to some sealife---we might be...fragile?...too.

Mindmistress: We're going to have to tiptoe around this one, Vicki. Whether or not Steed caused this tsunami--he could easily cause...another. My seashelters aren't...essential. Annoy him enough... Vicki: Glubglubglub? Mindmistress: Right.Mindmistress: The fate of nations---hundreds of thousands of people---could hinge on Tidal Wave. So could a young boy's happiness---yearning for his father.  Where is---Ulysses Shore?


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