Shore (Caption): I hate goodbyes.  Shore: Penny--I'm not sure when I'll be through--when I'll be back---when we can even talk.... Penny Shore: I know. Hush-hush. Missya, Sexy. Shore: Sexy yourself.Shore (Caption): But even the most long-suffering wives have limits--- Penny Shore: Look, Colonel Minton---it's been six weeks!  CAn't you give me some hint--? T.M. Shore: You tell'em, Mom!  Minton: Not really...

Minton: Ulysses Shore is missing...but far as we know. No. I can't talk about his mission...but we're doing everything possible to find him. Honest, Penny.Mindmistress: Hello, T.M.  T.M. Shore: 'Scuse mamma warned me 'bout strange-lookin' women---and they don't come much stranger than you!  Mindmistress: ---And your father? What did Ulysses Shore teach you--?


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