Shore (Caption): On December 26, 2004, the Indian Ocean faced a massive tsunami. 220,000 people were...literally...washed out to sea.  A horrible tragedy, affecting twelve countries...accidental? Or...intentional?Shore (Caption): I approached my boss....Minton: You don't really think...? Shore: I don't know what to think---but I think Tidal Wave---Dylan Steed is worth investigating---in case this was---a warning.

Shore: Trent---you confessed to murder to help your 'society' you think Dylan Steed caused the tsunami?  Trent: I wish he had...but I think he's too soft-hearted to.Vicki: So what's the verdict? Tidal Wave behind this disaster?  Mindmistress: Doubtful. His underwater settlements, which use my 'seashelters' are far from the epicenter. But...if he's exploring...maybe.

Clicking on the second panel will take you to the Tidal Wave storyline in its entirity. Clicking on the third panel will take you to Trent's surrender to Shore, once upon a time. Click on the fourth panel, and you'll go to the first mention of the bioengineered "seashelters". Why do a flashback when you can link to the original?


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