Lyons: My father was a real...yes? Uh, little girl? What's you doing on my private estate? Girl:: The silver lady said t'go to the big house...  Lyons: Silver...lady?Lyons: Well, Annie. The police are coming...your parents reported you missing....nice dog.  Looks like one we used to have...what's her name?  Girl: Paula. Lyons: Huh. That was our dog's name...

Lovelace: Deja Vu for you, huh? Kidman kidnaps little girl...sneaks into your old gardening shed...plans to leave her corpse as a mocking reminder...sick.  Lyons: that...him?Lovelace: CAn't say.  Medical examiners say the corpse died---non-violently--months ago.  Kidman was released days ago.  But...wallet's kidman's. Though she's officially non-existent---we both know Mindmistress was involved.

Lyons: This twisted tree was tall and strong yesterday...this ring of decayed, brown vegetation was lush and green.  A girl named Annie has an oddly-familiar puppy, Detective Lovelace--Lyons: Annie's last memory almost was of screaming in pain...instead her kidnapper's a my father.  Lovelace: Know what Annie's name is short for? Anastasia--'flower of Resurrection.'


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