Les Kidman: I'll tell! *Wheeze* DNA tests will prove who I am--that'll prove the rest---they'll hunt you down! Mindmistress: First we dig up these animal bones--- Girl: Yechh! Mindmistress: Activate the Osiristor...

Kidman: Everybody'll be hounding you--are you listening to me??  Mindmistress: No. Here comes the magic, honey... Girl: My Daddy likes David Blaine's magic tricks-- Mindmistress: Yeah? Watch this one... Girl: Wow!!

Girl: Ooooh...a puppy! Uh...why the tears? Mindmistress: Nothing. *Sniff* Just...she...remembers me. As much as I've changed...Paula still knew me. *Sniff* Girl: Paula? I wish... Mindmistress: Want a puppy?Mindmistress: Can I? Great! Let's go--uh!! Wh-what happened to theold man? How'd that skeleton get there? Mindmistress: Part of the 'magic trick'. Dead bones to life...life to bones.


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