Kidman: My vision's blurring---my teeth feel---loose--my joints aching--if that's some kind of deadly radiation--I'll sue!! You'll hear from my lawyer!!--Whatever you are.Mindmistress: Biological patterns reforming--entangled particles returning---entropy flowing backwards-- though accelerating around us---like Osiris--cut to bits by Set---reassembled and revived by Isis' magic.

Girl: Hnh? Wha'?  Mindmistress: Wake up, sleepy head... Girl: Wh-where am I? The last thing I remember was that jerk grabbin' me... Mindmistress: You don't remember anything after that? Girl: No... Mindmistress: Good. C'mon, you're going home...Les: Huh?? I---she's--*wheeze* hacked to pieces--*wheeze* torn apart--this is impossible!! Girl: What's that old man talking about? Mindmistress: Forget him. Want to see a magic trick? Girl: Sure.


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