Trent Townsend: What's up, Mom? Nice chartiy ball, by the way--- Amy Tripp: Trinidad's flare went up. Unfathomable's afraid Shore might be free--I need to let Cylan know. Tell ex-Stepdad hi.Yes, nice Red Cross charity ball. Celebrities everywhere---former celebrities like Dan Bowman---jazz greats like Ashley Drake--a good cause-- Townsend: --And good publicity--for Steed Aquaculture and Townsend Telecommunications.

Cleo: Amy Tripp? Acting CEO for Steed Aquaculture.  Tripp: That's me. This is my son--Trent Townsend of Townsend Communications.  Cleo: Cleo Shore. Mother of the---missing---Ulysses Shore. Townsend: Yikes.Tripp: Minton's already questioned me about the you have an invitation?  Cleo: I'm a guest of my friend, Lorelei Lyons-- Lorelei: Thanks, Daddy! Lyons: Anytime. Townsend: Ezekiel Lyons' daughter?




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