Minton, tell Mrs. Shore--that I've already been investigated about Ulysses' disappearance! Minton: Sure. We know Ulysses rented a boat after he talked to you--Cleo Shore? Cleo: Hello, Andrew. Minton: --But--YMinton: I thought---your Alzheimer's--had--how--?  Cleo: I've never been sharper, Andrew--and I can't let Ulysses stay--lost.  Tripp: Dylan? Amy. Trinidad's flare went off. We're afraid--'he' may be loose.

Tidal Wave: Understood. I'm headed that way now. I'll check it out. Can you understand my throat mike?  Tripp: Loud and clear. Tidal Wave: Good thing I was heading home from Eithiopia...Tripp: How soon--?  Tidal Wave: A matter of minutes in this subsea-skimmer--by the way--shouldn't you be going by 'Net' and Trent by 'Sea-Bell'?  Tripp: Party. 'Dylan' and 'Amy' sounds less suspicioius.




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