Tidal Wave: That must be Shore...going far faster than any other ship...doubtless one of Mindmistress' specials... Tripp: Do you think you can intercept him, or should I alert...?Oh, yeaaahhh. We've given Shore every chance---they've been afraid of a tsunami---with good reason. My title is 'Protector'---of the Continenal Shelf Communities--they've forced my hand

Lorelei: Hey, if that's Dylan Speed--tell'm his 'niece' Lorelei says hi.  Tripp: Uh...Ezekiel Lyons' daughter says hi.  Lorelei: Oooo. Ooo. --An' tell'm th'dogs are fine.Tidal Wave: Tell Lorelei I'm proud of her---and tell Ulysses Shore---goodbye.  Tripp: His mother's here, asking questions-- Tidal Wave: Cleo Shore? You must be mistaken.  His mother has Alzheimer's--bad.




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